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Las Hogueras 2016 – Fire Festival Alicante

Las Hogueras 2016 - Fire Festival Alicante

Dating from the 18th Century, this celebration has been been taking place on the longest day of the year, originally related to the farmer’s harvest celebration and exported to the streets of  Alicante City, The Hogueras which was banned during its first years, has been  unstoppable  since 1920!  The popularity of this celebration has put Alicante on the Touristic party Maps for the Summer! No matter the economic recessions or water draughts,  the Hogueras is a must! and the Alicantinos ensure this happens with so much passion that it is not difficult to get involved!  If you live by the city, be prepared to have sleepless nights by the  parades and barracas at your door!  With fireworks displays and explosions everywhere! The traditional Beauties “las Bellezas”  walking and hosting the events will take your breath away! Make sure you get your picture taken with one of them, they really don’t mind!

And what are “Las  Barracas”?

Well they are improvise street restaurants and bars, full of delicious smells, drinks and music! At excellent prices! Tables will be reserved by the locals so make sure you know one to let you in, if you don’t know one, don’t panic there are other ones that will allow in!

The Hogueras sculptures built from paper mache following themes imposed by the ayuntamiento, all have a message to give, many times related to politics, every district, main street will have one, they can be as tall as a building and they all compete for a prize!  They are set on fire set on the 24th June at 12 pm, right after a massive firework display with the shape of  a palm tree jumping off the castle! With chants and provocations to the fire men, the spectators will get a good water splash! Make sure you bring clothes to get changed!

If you missed it this year! Don’t worry next year it will all over again!

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