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Sabatika – The New Exotic Destination

thai restaurant alicante costa blanca

On the 22th November, our Team was invited to a VIP menu tasting at The New Thai Restaurant Sabatika,

Sabatika Thai Restaurant & Lounge Bar

?¡Lo prometido es deuda! Aquí tenéis el reportaje que nos realizó InformaciónTV. Conoce un poquito más de nosotros ➡️

Posted by Sabatika on Sunday, 8 January 2017

“I knew it was going to be Thai Food and thought of tasting just some asian nibles….. little did I knew what a experience we were about to have”……………by Mia director

Spacious and elegant capturing the essence and glamour of Thailand, the ambience has been professionally designed with furniture and fabrics imported from Asia as well as the most exotic ingredients, the experience was eye and mouth watering, how can a simple steamed fish on banana leaf be so unexpectedly delicious? And the best part is that everything is so fresh and therefore healthy!

The tasting turned into a experience of party flavours, simple and sophisticated as mango or dry lemons garnish with spices brought from Thailand can be, all accompanied with a menu of fine international wine and desserts like the green tea warm pudding!  and to top it all, the service was excellent! the tables are looked after by a team of waiters, all with one task to complete for every stage of the meal.

The restaurant comes with an innovative service, the owner Leon (who is from China) a connoisseur on the business as well as qualified sommelier, knows that Alicante is changing its culture with more and more international people coming to live here, hence the restaurant offering meals pretty much all day!  one could star dining from 8pm rather that the usual 10pm! Which for us, expats is a blessing!
The restaurant also offers a series of cocktails and tapas served throughout the whole day at the lush bar or terrace with views to the Torregolf park.

All with the life house music play by the famous DJ Jonathan Lopez, a reality TV star from “ Casado a primera vista” (Marriage at first Sight), Jonathan welcomed us as if it were his house, the smile and care on us made us feel so at easy and comfortable to seat at the bar and later on the sassy chairs digging on the grounds. Make sure you get your picture taken with him!

The experience was so good that  our director decided to repeat it with her kids the week after and they loved it, the chairs on the ground, the costumes and the exotic dishes didn’t scare them off and the noodles! Which kid does not like noodles!

Location is excellent as it is not in the centre of Alicante, plenty of parking and a park for the kids to play!

If you fancy visiting this place, make sure you do your reservation with advance no to have disappointments, you can call at:

965 77 30 17

And let us know how it went for you 😉


thai restaurant alicante costa blancathai restaurant alicante costa blanca
thai restaurant alicante costa blanca thai restaurant alicante costa blanca