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Spanish Property Market

Elche The New Golden Mine For Investors

arenales del sol elch costa blanca

Investing in beachfront real estate has traditionally produce higher returns over the long term than most other investments and there is only so much beachfront property that demand usually always exceeds supply, causing the raise of the prices for those…

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GBP/EUR Volatility Continues

foreign exchange gbp euro

Last week has seen GBP/EUR rates drop down close to 1.40 territory and then rise back into 1.43, the continuous movement highlights just how volatile the currency markets currently are. We are still however maintaining extremely good GBP/EUR rates but…

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Poor Sales Hurts Sterling

foreign currency exchange

Sterling dropped sharply during Thursday’s trading following poor UK Retail Sales figures With heavy losses against the EUR and most of the other major currencies, are we finally seeing the end of the Pound’s recent run? Poor UK Retail Sales…

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