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Elche The New Golden Mine For Investors

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Investing in beachfront real estate has traditionally produce higher returns over the long term than most other investments and there is only so much beachfront property that demand usually always exceeds supply, causing the raise of the prices for those flats with idyllic sea views! . For a seafront flats the difference between having a view or not, can easily be over 100,000 euros! . Scandinavians knows this and their love for water and the beach lifestyle with “New Built Taste” has been the perfect recipe for investors, making of Elche beaches a Gold mine for developers and realtors! Innovation have been key to their success, with developments like Infinity Views or the luxurious modern Flop the Llop Golf campus, where not only property is in the market shelf but a comprehensive after sales program, including the planning and developing of the streets and roads, like the construction of a new shopping center in Arenales, a 5 star hotel in Font the Llop and a walking promenade from Arenales to Alicante city! also there are the towns near by Like Elche, Santa Pola and last but not the least Tabarca Island, developing new homes and amenities to entertain all!


To top it all, the Valencia Council, support this adventure and this time has send us a beautiful video to show Elche and it surrounding for all.

Enjoy it


arenales del sol