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MIA Trainees Zelda and Gaiane Excursion in Campello

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trainees real estate spainWe are happy to introduce the latest members of the MIA team, Zelda and Gaiana, our trainees from La Rochelle who came to work for us during the summer as interns to practice the Spanish language and to learn about the Spanish culture and the real estate industry in Spain.

We set them on an assignement to El Campello to capture properties and to find out more information about the city and report back with their findings…

On Friday MIA Property Boutique invited us to visit the famous and beautiful town of El Campello. A city that’s only 20 minutes from Alicante, situated in the riviera of the Costa Blanca. We took the TRAM line number 3 at 10:20 and arrived in El Campello at 10:40 in the morning. Trams leave every 10 minutes, it’s very fast, clean and cheap. This area is situated 13 km north of Alicante, and isn’t far from Alicante Airport. On arriving there we went to the tourist office on Avenida San Bartholomé. MIA asked us to go there to find maps for our international clients, however they were not able to give us any. Our next task was to go to find and photograph apartments and houses for sale or rent in the area. So we started our investigation from Avenida San Bartolemé and walked around the town centre. We observed that there are many more apartments than houses in this area. We found 5 apartments for sale. The first located in Carrer Ruperto Chapi, the second: Carrer de Gabriel Miró, the third we didn’t find the name of the street! The fourth located in Avinguda de la Generalitat, the fifth was in Carrer Joan Baptista Basset i Ramos. All these properties are situated near Muchavista beach.

The area has a certain charm thanks to the very traditional apartments, typical Spanish. Also, thanks to the TRAM number 3 it has great access to the beach of San Juan, very nice to enjoy the sun! It is possible to enjoy the sun as much as you want!

For entertainment you will find different local events such as the party of the Virgin Carmen on 16 June and also the Moors and Christians festival from 11th to 15th october which celebrates the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. During these festivals there are different stages known as “las entradas”, “los desfiles”, “las embajadas” and “la procesión”. This area is full of cafes and restaurants and small local bakeries to cover all your hunger needs.

For those people who enjoy walking, the the hiking route “Les Puntes de Gonslaves” allows you to discover the beautiful countryside. If you are a nature lover or simply enjoy relaxing, the central park is a peaceful place at the edge of the city. However, for those of you who like to enjoy more adventure, you can go on a walking excursion in the mountains where you will find the famous Canalobre Caves.

The crystal clear Mediterranean waters are perfect if you enjoy aquatic sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, padel board, windsurfing etc. Boat excursions are also possible.

El Campello is home to the French School (Lyceo Frances).

el campello tram

Coming to live in El Campello is a great option if you prefer to live outwith city life, nevertheless Alicante City is very easy to get to without having to own a car. Public transport is very good, with the bus line 21 taking you between Alicante — San Juan beach — El Campello and the TRAM line 3 joining the same locations.