Elin Sandal

Elin Sandal

Full of Energy and with the ability to adapt to any Market, Elin is our newest international broker added to the team. With an “I’m not here to be average, I’m here to empower! attitude ”, Elin has managed to establish a good net circle of friends and collaborators around herself. Of Nordic origin and now based in London, Elin excel at property relocation, having lived herself in many countries, her personal experience helps her to empathise with clients and assist them with their home hunting, getting for them those hard to achieve deals.

Adventurous and Sporty, don’t be surprised if you see her one day showing Million euros price properties and another running the Sierras of Morocco! A mom, a writer, a fashion designer and a travel marketer, Elin complements all the necessary skills to be a top Agent in the Costa Blanca.

I think the Costa Blanca in Alicante, is one of the best places to invest at the moment, not only financially speaking but an investment into a new life style, health and happiness. There is a new trend in Spain where Expats are younger than what it was 15 years ago, their aim is to balance life and work in a better manner, and thanks to the internet and Alicante fantastic airport, it is possible”. Elin met MIA while looking for a place to stay in Spain for a few days, “I choose MIA to work with because it is very international, genuine with trustworthy people. They were all very professional, charming and I couldn’t wait to be part of this amazing team!

Elin Sandal is a well travelled individual, having run her own travel company and being an international designer. She studied at The School of Communication Arts in London where she qualified in Art & Design. Additionally she went to the Handels Institutt in Bergen where she qualified in Business & Marketing.  A speaker and a writer, Elin is a natural seller, She is also the owner of Norsk Nordic Walking Retreats which helps bring people together and build relationships over daily walking and trips to many european countries.

Having lived in London for over 20 years, she  knows what it takes to  relocate to a new country;  extremely passionate about people,  Elin is a good asset to MIA Team and their Nordic clients.


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