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What is a Romeria? Las Fiestas!

romeria a la santa faz

With a religious motive which also involves history and tradition, leaving in many cases the religion to one side to become a celebration of life! A great excuse to stay with the family, get close to your friends and drop all the stress of working or studying!….maybe that’s the trick to have a happy long life!

In April, after Easter the Alicantinos do a Romeria, one of the nicest ones in Spain,after the one in Sevilla. This Romeria (peregrination) which is about 8 km long gathers about 20,000 pilgirms! starts at The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas which is in the city center, old part and ends in San Juan Playa, at La Santa Faz Monastery, where the original Canvas of Jesus Christ face rest (for those who don’t know, the canvas is a piece of cloth used to clean Jesus Christ when he was walking with the cross on his shoulder before been crucified).

The Santa Faz Romeria, has been performed since the last three centuries, and is undertaken by all ages & backgrounds, even children and pets are involved! While the early walkers enjoy the ceremony along with traditional biscuits and sweet wine, the late ones, (mostly youngsters), start their parade towards what is known here as “El Botellon” “Party in the Street”, which ends at the end of the romeria, taking course to playa San Juan, where drinks, music and food will be brought in shopping trolleys taken from the supermarkets, amazingly there are no casualties involved other than lots of drunk teens on the beach, there are no fights and the next day everything is again clean and pristine like if nothing even happened!

How much does it cost? It’s free! may bring along a picnic and stop at any time!, it’s totally safe and fun for the kids! They can bring their bikes, roller blades or prams, there is no restriction! ….and something is for sure ..your little one will remember this events for the rest of his or her life and may bring them back every time in April with your grand kids along!