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Top tips on how to make your property more attractive to buyers

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Buying a home is as much an emotional investment as a financial investment.  just imagine yourself buying your first home, it has to be perfect right?  It has to feel just right, you don’t know what exactly that is, but you will know it is the right house when you see it.

Put yourself in the shoes of a first time buyer searching for properties on-line (which is how 90% of buyers start searching).  They come across your listing, how does it make you feel?  Does it look like your dream home?

If you don’t find your property listing attractive, neither will your buyers.

Top tips on how to make your property more attractive to buyers

MIA’s professional photographer offers theses top tips on how to make your property more attractive to potential buyers.  Applying these simple tips will go a long way to making your property more desirable.

Tip #1 The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room for many buyers, so it’s wise to present it at its best.  Of course it is completely normal to have everyday items dotted around the worktop for easy access when you are living in a property. However, when presenting your home for sale, cluttered work surfaces may indicate to some buyers that your property is on the market speculatively (after all, if you have not made an effort to tidy up, maybe you are not all that serious about selling).  A well presented kitchen demonstrates that there is plenty of available storage space for non-essential items.


The kitchen is the most important room for many buyers. Make sure to remove unnecessary items from the work surfaces.

tips for selling your home

Staging this beautiful kitchen to be photographed was simply a matter of removing the majority of items from the worktop.

Tip #2 The Bedrooms

Bedrooms are best presented bright and airy and at the same time warm and inviting.  You want your buyers to imagine themselves kicking off their shoes after a hard days work and sinking their head into sumptuous pillows for a good nights sleep, then awakening to the early morning sun streaming through the windows.


A lack of colour makes this otherwise lovely room look uninviting.

tips for presenting your home for sale

Adding a patterned duvet cover and coloured pillow cases gives this bedroom a whole new fresh feel.

Tip #3 Bathrooms

It goes without saying that bathrooms should be presented impeccably clean.  Like every room, clutter (shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes etc) should be removed, and the remaining items organised.  One important and often overlooked detail is the toilet seat.  The toilet seat should be down!  Not only is it bad feng shui (after all we don’t want our energy and wealth leaking down the toilet), but simply put nobody wants to see inside your lavatory!

preparing your home for sale bathroom

Leaving the toilet seat up is not only bad feng shui, simply put, nobody really wants to see inside your lavatory!

preparing your home for sale bathrooms

Bathrooms must look impeccably clean and free of clutter, with the toilet seat down.

Tip #4 Corridors and open spaces

For properties with a large open space, giving the space a purpose can make it feel like having an extra room.  In the example below, the open space has been converted into a reading area with stunning views over the rooftops to the sea.  A professional real estate photographer will help show off these space to your potential buyers

tips for selling your home

This mobile phone image fails to capture the usefulness of this open space

Opening bedroom doors and turning the lights on help the buyer visualise the flow of our home

Our professional photographer has captured the true usefulness of this space

Tip #5 The Pool Area

Pools are wonderful spaces where your buyer will imagine themselves relaxing on a hot summers day, with a few small considerations you can really help sell this space.  Be sure to set up your garden furniture for everyday use; sunloungers set up by the pool, tables and chairs set up with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.  Remove all pool cleaning equipment, your buyer does not need reminded that the pool needs to be maintained. Any other item that does not serve a purpose your buyer will identify with should also be removed.

tips for selling property

Hide pool cleaning equipment and other non-functional items. Garden furniture should be set up or put away

tips for presenting your home for sale

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