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Street Party! Los Girasoles San Vicente del Raspeig

Have you ever wonder, why do the spaniards celebrate so much? Any excuse for a Party? And it can’t be so much fun if you do it all the time?

The streets parties in Spain, dates from many many years ago, the whole community lives for it and it takes a year preparation to hold the event and save for the expenses, in many occasions not having any funding from the local government, other than private donations and the willingness of the neighbours to keep their traditions!

Los Girasoles, an upcoming suburb in Alicante, belonging to the City of San Vicente, so close to San Vicente famous University! Only about 15 minute drive from Playa San Juan and Alicante Airport! A quiet area where compounds don’t exist, only big villas, with nice roads for cars and bikes, with country side lanes, some shops and a few restaurants. There is a central park where the party takes off! Unmissable by its location!

On the third week of August, Tables are laid around a ring where the stage and dance floor is, with room enough for professional dancing horses to perform and competitions for the whole family as well as fantastic music for all ages and styles. To get a table is not easy, you pretty much need to be local and pay about 60 euros for the week, reserving in advance! So every day for a week, you can bring along your own food, drinks and enjoy the activities with your family. The neighbors, the teens and the little ones will be there as well as the Girasoles Festival Queen and King!! So difficult to stay seated and so easy to see three generations at once in the Dance Floor!

This year MIA Property Boutique had the pleasure to be invited! By our Sister Company manager, Jose Antonio de Inmobiliaria Aluna, what a great night! We meet his lovely wife, beautiful daughter, friends and friends of friends! Lots of Food, drinks, Dance, Bingo and Bouncy castles! We wanted to stay over for the foam party next day but our English clock took us to bed after 3am!!

Here are some pictures and a little video to give you a flash of the event! And this is what is like to live in los Girasoles! Here to buy a house is not just the house but the Community! So much forgotten nowadays!

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