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Look What Happens to Your Children When They Live in Spain!

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Kids in Spain

During the coming months we will be posting about kids in Spain playing on la Costa Blanca, you will be surprised how much there is to do here and how many habits can be changed..most for the good! Its not all about sun and beach in Alicante!

Forget the T.V and videos games, in fact during the summer holidays, which last about three months, the little ones rather spend time outside than at home, where is  just too hot to stay inside. The summer is practically spent by the pool, sea or one of the other many outdoor activities.

One German family discovered this when they arrived in Alicante four years ago, they couldn’t believe how much their kids loved it, Leo and Micky, our stars of this video are very good examples of this! in fact Micky (the oldest brother) who was four years old, was already taking sailing lessons!  His dad Mike was so chuffed to see little Micky navigating in the deep sea!

Micky and Leo were very lucky to live in a lovely townhouse in Cala Cantalar, the Beverly hills of Alicante, a sea front house with amazing sea views to the natural reservation of Cabo Huertas, with rocky pools, shallow and clear waters this place it’s a favourite area by many locals and only 10 minutes driving from the city of Alicante! 

Sadly the lovely family had to return to Germany, where the boys are still very fond of their habits to play outside, regardless of the cold weather, fortunately for us they come to Alicante to visit us every so often to enjoy the sun and practice their sailing and Spanish skills!

I wouldn’t be surprised if these kids turn into extreme sport players one day!


MIA would like to say a special thanks to Kati who appears in the feature photograph of this blogpost.  Our photographer invited Kati and her family to a photoshoot on the Cabo Huertas as a thankyou gift to mum Rossanna for organizing and presenting a training course for our company. We wish you the best back in the USA and hope you com visit us in the Costa Blanca some time!

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