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How Home Staging Has Affected the Real Estate Market in the USA

Homestaging costa blanca alicante

MIA welcomes as our guest blogger this week Emmanuel Lao, a successful Los Angeles (USA) based real estate agent, industry educator & blogger.

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Emmanuel Lao Realtor

Emmanuel Lao. Los Angeles (USA) based realtor.

We all know that it’s important to look your best for a job interview – a tailored suit makes a much better impression than faded jeans and a wrinkled t-shirt. More recently, the presentation principle has stretched into real estate, where buyers expect to see a home in model condition. Staging has become status quo for home sales, with professional stagers refurbishing and refurnishing homes so that they can be shown in their best light. In this post, we’ll look at how this new sales strategy has affected the real estate market.

In a 2015 survey, the National Association of Realtors found that a majority of realtors believe that home staging is extremely effective in promoting sales. Most realtors also believe that staging a home raises the final price by up to ten percent, which makes staging a worthwhile investment at a cost of less than seven hundred dollars on average. Staging can certainly cost more – some staging companies charge as much as $100,000 – but most offer much more less expensive service menus. Another cost-cutting measure is to stage only one room, such as the living room, for maximum impact at minimal outlay.

In addition to increased sales and higher asking prices, staging has also affected buyer assumptions. Now that staging is so common, and popularized by how-to and househunting shows on HGTV, buyers expect to see a staged home, repainted and redecorated. Many realtors who responded to the NAR survey reported that staging allowed clients to see each home as a “clean slate,” rather than a lived-in dwelling, and that it was much easier for them to envision themselves in the new place.

The trend towards staging has created a thriving industry for decorators who have reinvented themselves as home stagers, specializing in upscale properties or a certain “look.” Since every house on the market competes with homes that have been staged for sale, homeowners and real estate agents are extremely motivated to hire professional help.

Homestaging costa blanca alicante

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Home staging has also had a transformative effect on internet real estate sales. Now that most clients start their purchase journey online, staging has become a crucial tool for catching their interest. Prospective clients may look at photos of hundreds of properties before making contact with a realtor or agency, and they may look at a property listing for only a few seconds before clicking through or clicking away. Now that virtual tours and other multimedia displays are common features on real estate websites, staging has become crucial to displaying a home to best advantage.

Professional staging incorporates extra cost and effort into the process of selling a home – but it also has a dynamic effect on home sales. Staging offers property owners a sure way to increase the value of their property, and it allows realtors to list and sell properties more quickly and with added flexibility. Like the classic blazer-and-tie combo, staging techniques add polish and excitement to a new prospect!

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