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Benefits of Home Staging

The benefits of home staging are numerous, both for the buyer and the seller.

Benefits for the Seller

For the seller, not only is the property statistically more likely to sell faster, however for the relatively small investment, one increases the chances of selling the property for or near the asking price.  The less time the property is on the market, the more the seller saves in terms of the running costs of the property while it’s on the market (mortgage payments, bills etc).   Studies have shown that only 10% of buyers are able to visualize the true potential of a property, either when the room is empty or it is full of the current owners personal effects, thus by correctly staging a property the seller is maximizing the the potential number of buyers who may be interested in making an offer for the property. The home stager list the issues that need to be repaired on the property. Properties that have had issues repaired are more attractive to potential buyers than properties that still need repairs.

Check out the report “Consumer Guide to Real Estate Staging” from the Real Estate Staging Association to see how home staging can benefit you.  The report includes quick and easy tips for getting your home ready for sale.

Benefits for the Buyer

The buyer also benefits.  Firstly, they are able to see the true function of each room in the property which is furnished appropriately, thus enabling them to see how each space could work for them.  With the furniture in place and the clutter gone, the size of the room is more evident and the buyer can visualize how their furniture will fit in the room.  As part of the process of home staging all the small defects will have been fixed so the buyer does not have to undertake these repair tasks after buying the property.

Further Reading

For more information and home staging tips for, read the report “Consumer Guide to Real Estate Staging” from the Real Estate Staging Association.